STIX | Cuff

STIX | Cuff

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This more svelt open-ended cuff is the perfect companion to the STIX bangle. Me? I stack alternating gold and silver till not even the sun can stare directly into my bling ;-)

STIX are handshaped, hammered, filed and polished for a glorious shimmer – each piece features unique facets. As such, your new STIX will feature slight variations unique to you.

  • 100% hand forged, cut, tapered, filed and shaped
  • Microfaceted using three specialized cold forging hammers
  • Hand polished for a liquidic, shimmery surface
  • Mechanically tumbled for a final "super-sparkle buff"
  • Cold forged using 100% USA-made 12 ga. wire
  • Comes in 14K gold fill or sterling silver

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