STIX bangle bracelets in both 14K gold fill and sterling silver

STIX | Bangle

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An undeniable classic, this open-ended bangle is hand forged from 12 ga. wire, in your choice of sterling silver or 14K gold fill.

I cut each STIX "Atrium" bangle to size, cold forge a slender flat taper, hand file and polish the whole shebang before finally shaping the bangle on my mandrel and finishing it with a hand polisher to achieve a delicate, shimmery surface. One final buff in my mechanical polishing tumbler makes STIX bangles super sparkly!

Me? I stack alternating gold and silver till not even the sun can stare directly into my bling ;-)

14K gold fill is the next best thing to solid karat gold.

In the U.S., gold fill is regulated by the FTC. By law, 14K gold fill must contain 5% pure karat gold by weight.

The gold fill process mechanically pressure-bonds solid karat gold to a core of brass or silver. Due to this fusion, gold fill gives you the weight and luster of solid karat gold at 1/5 the cost. It is also extremely durable.

Gold filled metal comes available to jewelers in three forms: sheet, wire and tubing (see diagram for proportions).
14K gold fill schematic

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