Q: What is 14k Gold-Fill?

A:  Gold-Fill is a process which binds a layer of solid 14k gold to jeweler's brass by use of heat and pressure. Gold fill can be yellow, or rose, and comes in sheets, wire and tubing (view diagram).


Q: What are my earring posts made of?

A:  Ear posts are either sterling silver or 14K gold fill. 


Q: What if I'm extremely sensitive and can only wear gold?

If you have a metal hypersensitivity, your posts can be switched to yellow gold for an additional charge. Please message prior to purchase for pricing.


Q: Will my 14k Gold-Fill jewelry tarnish?

A:  Gold filled jewelry isn't inclined to tarnish, but may lose luster due to longterm contact with sweat, lotions and the elements. If you find that your jewelry has become dull, simply polish it with a jewelry polishing cloth (complementary with each Pliers & String item). 


Q: What is the difference between "jeweler's brass" and "raw brass"?

A:  Jeweler's brass is a specific alloy (85% copper/15% zinc) used by jewelers as an affordable alternative to gold. When polished, jeweler's brass beautifully mimics the color of 14kt. Raw brass can be yellowish or reddish depending on the exact ratio of metals which make up the alloy. "Raw" means that it's free of any coating or plating.


Q: Will my brass jewelry tarnish?

A:  Brass is a reactive metal and does change color with time. The speed and degree of change varies with each individual's body chemistry and the environment. Many customers appreciate the unique patina which develops on brass jewelry over time. Those who prefer a shiny, golden color can always polish the item back to its original luster.

Q: How do I care for my brass jewelry?

A:  Brass does not like humidity. When not wearing your jewelry, make sure it's put away in a dry place. Additionally, it's good practice to wipe your brass piece with a soft, dry cloth to remove any oil deposits from wear. If your jewelry should come in contact with liquid, dry it immediately, otherwise water stains can form (those can be polished away, but it will take some elbow grease to buff them out). You can use a jewelry polishing cloth (Sunshine cloths are a good go-to) to buff away the tarnish and restore the original golden sheen. A small cloth comes complementary with each Pliers & String item.