STIX faceted bangle bracelet in both 14K gold fill and sterling silver, extreme closeup, askew
STIX faceted bangle bracelets in both 14K gold fill and sterling silver, standing upright and lying down
STIX faceted bangle bracelets in sterling silver and 14K gold fill, stacked flat
STIX faceted bangle bracelets in both 14K gold fill and sterling silver, askew glance
STIX Bangle
STIX Bangle Regular price $99


An open-ended classic, the P.S. STIX Bangle stacks for a tower of super-sparkle facets. Now whenever I drive to the Fashion District the glitter of my bracelets dance with every turn of the wheel.

  • 14K Gold Fill /or/ Argentium® 93.5% Pure Silver
  • Guaranteed 100% Handfashioned Designer Jewelry
  • 12ga2mm Facet Cuff cold forged from domestically sourced metals
  • Microfaceted and planished using 3 specialty hammers
  • Handshaped on round mandrel for stackable fit
  • Machine polished for lasting burnish
  • 6.5" wrist
✂︎ made to order designer made ✓

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14K gold fill is the next best thing to solid karat gold.

In the U.S., gold fill is regulated by the FTC. By law, 14K gold fill must contain 5% pure karat gold by weight.

The gold fill process mechanically pressure-bonds solid karat gold to a core of silver or fine brass. Due to this fusion, gold fill gives you the weight and luster of solid karat gold at 1/5 the cost. It is also extremely durable.

Gold-filled metal comes available to jewelers in three forms: sheet, wire and tubing (see diagram for proportions).
14K gold fill schematic
Argentium® 93.5% pure silver is a higher grade silver than traditional sterling (92.5% pure) silver.

While sterling is prone to tarnish, Argentium resists tarnish, allowing for a longer-lasting “super-sparkle” buff right out of the box. Argentium is also a stronger, brighter material than traditional silvers, providing heirloom-quality semiprecious metal pieces while maintaining a reasonable price point.

Best of all, Argentium silver is ethically sourced at all steps of its manufacture.

Argentium silver manufacturer seal

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Designer Guaranteed, Quality Assured

Your new Pliers & String piece is Designer Guaranteed to be of the highest quality craftsmanship and material.

As such, if you don’t absolutely adore your P.S. piece, I will provide a full refund or exchange within five (5) days of your receipt of the item,** including complimentary shipping.

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Does not cover damage or wear.

P.S. Designer Guaranteed, Quality Assured

Pliers & String Designer Marina Ivanova

Originally from Bulgaria, I’m thankful to have grown up surrounded by makers. Both of my babas – grandmothers – were fond of the old traditions, those of the hands; keen on teaching me crochet, knitting and needlepoint.

When I was ten my immediate family and I fled for Italy during the fall of the communist bloc in 1989.

Years later, having moved to Los Angeles, I brought my own modern, architectural reinvention of my babas’ Turkic aesthetic to GUESS? – where I designed over a thousand styles sold domestically and worldwide.

Throughout my time working in global fashion, however, I kept thinking of them – of my babas, who taught me to work with string and yarn, hooks and pliers. . . .

Pliers & String Jewelry Atelier is dedicated to their memory.

sincerely—— MARINA IVANOVA

w/ work seen in:

   Belle Armoire
   The Buckle
   Cottage Hill
   Dear Handmade Life
   Fred Segal (Ron Herman)
   G by GUESS