TESSÉRA stretch bracelets in noir hematite and 14K gold fill beading stacked and worn by model
TESSÉRA | Stretch Bracelet
TESSÉRA | Stretch Bracelet

TESSÉRA | Stretch Bracelet

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When I think TESSÉRA I think Melrose, with glam rock kings and tinsel damsels lining storefronts. I'd flash just enough bling to impress passersby but not enough to be overdramatic – TESSÉRA is my venture to capture this balance in elegance.

And for those times I don't wanna fuss with a clasp, stretchy is good. Each of my TESSÉRA stretch bracelets is hand-threaded in a pattern interspersing hematite with tiny semiprecious metal beads. Super luxe in a stack!

Not to be overdramatic, but TESSÉRA flexes.

*Color options are as follows: 14K gold fill with gold-plated hematite, 14K gold fill with noir hematite, sterling silver with noir hematite (please note prices listed are for single bracelets only); resting width is ~6.5".

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