STIX threader earrings in 14K gold fill, lying at an angle
STIX threader earrings in 14K gold fill, lying flat, close-up
STIX threader earrings in sterling silver, inside gift box

STIX | Threaders

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I have a pair of jeans I designed, really comfy – the kind of jean that just warms to your body. I created STIX to look perfect with them! Then it occurred to me, there are a thousand other women who have purchased this very same pair of jeans from GUESS?. And that's when I knew we had a winner.

The original STIX.

These earrings are ~51mm, hand forged, textured in your choice of sterling silver or 14K gold fill, each with a length of matching chain and ~12mm thread cap.

STIX are handshaped, hammered, filed and polished for a glorious shimmer – each piece features unique facets. Their river-stone-like texture results from hammering an entire 360 degrees until every angle is fully refined.

So girl, match your jeans ;-)

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