Granules | Necklace

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You can feel the hostess's eyes linger on your neck with an almost lusty craving. She's not a vampire, of course; simply put, mortal women have historically been susceptible to the allure of shiny things. After dinner, as you're collecting your coat, she approaches and asks to try on the necklace you're wearing. "Of course," you say, and momentarily drape it gently about her neck. For a quiet minute, you allow her to gaze in the mirror and admire the stunning crescendo of semiprecious metal beads which interweave in a gradated pattern, culminating beautifully just below the collar. Fully beaded using 2mm-6mm sized beads. Available in sterling silver or 14k gold-fill, necklace is 16" at shortest wearable length, plus 2.5" extension. 

**Item care:
Please take care not to use excessive force as this is a delicate hand-made item.
Wait until after you’ve applied make-up, moisturizer,perfume and hairspray before putting on your jewelry, and please remove before doing any household work. Do not wear when getting hair color. Store separately (in pouch/box) or hang in order to minimize tangling with other items.

**Your order will be packaged beautifully, ready to give as a gift!

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