The Pliers & String Team: loving couple Marina Ivanova and Ryan Findley

The best team: “Pliers” (L) & “String” (R) ;-)

Founded in 2014, Pliers & String is the creation of former GUESS? lead designer Marina Ivanova. Having worked in corporate fashion for over a decade, Marina decided to return to her roots in jewelry design, transforming an experimental Etsy shop into a successful, immigrant-run small business.

Providing emotional support since 2011 has been her true love and hubby-hub Ryan, who excelled at heating up coffee and cheering from the sidelines. In 2021 the couple reevaluated their priorities and decided their talents matched too perfectly not to work together.

Marina has since tapped Ryan’s extensive media and business background to forge Pliers & String into a true labor of love.

EST—— 2014