Stix| Solitaire Lariat
Stix| Solitaire Lariat

Stix| Solitaire Lariat

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This delicate Y-drop silhouette is the perfect companion to any neckline! A modern and minimal hand-forged and texturized stick lariat in your choice of sterling silver or 14k gold-filled metal. Each stick is individually forged, texturized, drilled, filed and then tumble polished for a beautifully faceted shimmer.  Opposite end of chain has a closed ring which has been gently hammered to complete the look. Simply thread the stick through the ring , and voila—instant minimal chic! Length is approx. 18.5" not including stick (1.5").

**CARE: Please do not use excessive force as this is a delicate, handmade item. Sterling silver may react based on individual skin chemistry; any tarnish or oxidation can be buffed away with a jewelry polishing cloth (complementary cloth comes with your jewelry).

Gold-filled isn't inclined to tarnish but you may notice darkening at the top and bottommost ends of the stick where the metal's brass core is exposed to oxygen—this is normal and can either be left alone (it is't visible unless you look for it) or polished away. Depending on wear and exposure to sweat and the elements, the gold-fill surface may lose some luster. This can quickly be buffed back to its original sheen with a polishing cloth (complementary cloth comes with your jewelry).

Your purchase comes with a Pliers & String gift box & complementary polishing cloth.

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