Granules | Large Hoops
Granules | Large Hoops
Granules | Large Hoops

Granules | Large Hoops

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Who doesn't like being quitely admired from a distance? "So elegant," you'll hear someone at the coffee shop murmur. "Oh, I like the irregularity," her friend will say. They'll ask if you wouldn't mind being snapped for their fashion blog, and of course you'll smile and say you'd be delighted (but outside, and after you get your hands on that coffee). The impetus for the whole thing may be your perfectly messy up-do, or that old sweater that falls off your shoulder in just the right way, or your unexpected hoops, which glint in the sunlight streaming from the window. Hand-formed out of 20ga wire and beaded in a pattern of deliberate randomness, these 1.75" diameter hoops can go from day to night with next to zero effort and come in sterling silver or 14k gold-fill metal. Please be gentle and use lateral force to open—excess prying will distort the curvature. 

**Item care:
Please take care not to use excessive force as this is a delicate hand-made item.
Wait until after you’ve applied make-up, moisturizer,perfume and hairspray before putting on your jewelry, and please remove before doing any household work. Do not wear when getting hair color. Store separately (in pouch/box) or hang in order to minimize tangling with other items.

**Your order will be packaged beautifully, ready to give as a gift!

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